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best vein doctorsDoctors play such an integral role in a person’s health and life, yet most people do not take the time to get to know the actual person behind the white coat. The key to getting the most out of your vein care in Hackensack might actually rest in having a good working relationship with your vein doctor. Instead of allowing just anyone who is called a vein specialist to treat your veins, take a little extra time to learn about the person who will be taking care of you. Read on to discover what you need to know about the best vein doctors in Hackensack for handling your specific needs.

You can get to know your Hackensack vein doctor in the following ways:

Know what you need and want from treatment—and explain that to your doctor.

In most instances, the correct type of vein treatment is dependent on two factors—the patient’s condition and his or her values and goals. Sometimes even the most highly regarded physicians may not share your values or appreciate what you want to achieve from care. For instance, if you want to find relief from bothersome symptoms but do not desire to eliminate the problem veins through surgery, your chosen doctor may suggest you try conservative treatments instead of pushing a more elaborate procedure.

Sometimes there may be only one course of action for treating your problem, but a good doctor should explain the reasons to you. Seek out a connection with a vein doctor who can offer treatment to help you reach your goals, rather than achieving the goals they choose for you. Make sure you communicate your desires to your doctor, or you may not receive the type of care you want.

Spend enough time with your doctor.

Most physician appointments last only a small amount of time, sometimes only a few minutes. This is certainly not an adequate amount of time to get to know your doctor, and not enough time to communicate your needs adequately. Your doctor’s time is valuable to be sure, but so is your own. If you wait extra long in the waiting room before your appointment, the doctor is likely with another patient during that time. This does not an excuse for cutting your appointment short, because you deserve your allotted time with the doctor too.

If you feel rushed by a doctor, let them know that. Your doctor might be feeling rushed too, and it may not be obvious that you have more to share. Your appointment is your time to share your worries about your condition, ask questions and get answers from the doctor, so use every minute of it.

Put in a little extra work on your own.

While physicians are intelligent, not all of them are excellent communicators. Additionally, they are not mind readers. If you rely on the doctor to think of and do everything for you, you may be missing out. You are a key player in your own health outcome, so you have to do some work too. Ask questions and let the doctor know about your concerns.

Being diagnosed with a medical condition such as vein disease can be overwhelming. If you feel as if you are not in the right mindset to make important health decisions or are too shy to speak up to your doctor, it can be helpful to bring along someone you trust such as a friend or relative to speak for you. In Hackensack, vein treatment means you have power in the quality of your own care.

Dr. Pumill is proud to give every patient the comprehensive, personalized care they deserve. Whether you suffer from the cosmetic burden of spider veins or a more serious medical condition, you will be treated with the utmost professional care from our vein team. To go ahead and schedule an appointment with a Hackensack vein specialist who cares about you, call our main line at 201-299-4479 or go online to schedule. We look forward to hearing from you!


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