Heart Specialists in Hudson County: Heart Disease in Women
Heart Specialists in Hudson County: Heart Disease in Women

Heart Specialists in Hudson County

Heart specialists in Hudson County have something to say: If we were to ask you what the number one cause of death among American women is, chances are you would get it wrong. MOST people – including most women – get it wrong. It’s not cancer, or any of the other diseases you first thought of. The #1 killer of women is the same as it is for men – heart disease.

The statistics are staggering. Heart disease kills more women every year than all forms of cancer combined – all of them. One third of American women – and half of African-American women – are living with cardiovascular disease. Even worse, most of them don’t know it, because women are under-informed about the risk factors and symptoms of heart disease. As a result, most of them don’t go to a Hudson County cardiologist to find out what their risk of dying from a heart attack really is. The purpose of this article is to correct this lack of information.

What You Should Know – your risk factors for heart disease

The factors that indicate a woman has a high risk of developing heart disease are similar – but not quite the same – as for men. Having a family history of heart disease tops the list, followed by age (being over 55) and race (African-American, Hispanic, and Native American women are more at risk). Among the risk factors you can lower through intelligent lifestyle choices are hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol levels, smoking, diabetes, being overweight or obese, and being physically inactive. Lower these controllable risk factors, and you lower your overall heart risk. But there is an additional caveat for women, because studies have shown that they tend to focus on lowering only one or two of these controllable risk factors, and fail to work on controlling all of them simultaneously.

What You Should Know – the symptoms of heart attack in women

If there is one piece of advice we’d like you to take away from this article from the best cardiologists in Bergen County, it’s that you need to know how heart attack symptoms may be different in women than they are in men. Many women have had heart attacks and have failed to seek treatment because they expected to see the symptoms they saw on TV – a man experiencing chest pain so intense and sudden that it leaves him clutching at his heart. While this may happen, it is more likely that women will experience milder discomfort in the arms, neck, jaw, back, or other areas of the upper body. In women, this pain is often accompanied by shortness of breath, nausea, lightheadedness, breaking out in a cold sweat, abdominal pain, or sudden, unexplained feelings of fatigue, weakness, or anxiety.

If you experience any or all of these symptoms, call 911. Don’t wait, don’t assume that it’s not serious, and don’t try to drive yourself to the hospital. Call for an ambulance to take you to an emergency room as soon as possible. If you are having a heart attack, minutes count.

What You Should Know – how to prevent heart attacks in the first place

The most important first step in staying heart-healthy is to make an appointment with your local Hackensack cardiologist (heart specialists in Hudson County) and get a checkup to determine your current level of heart disease risk. Come to this checkup ready to talk about your family medical history, to take a few simple, painless tests, and to discuss your overall lifestyle. Be honest with your doctor – if you really only exercise one or two times a month and eat too much fast food, say so. After the checkup, follow your doctor’s advice and do whatever is necessary to reduce your risk. But start by making that call for a checkup today; it can literally save your life.

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