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Hudson County CardiologistsHudson County Cardiologists understand. We all loved the end-of-year holidays, right? We looked forward to all the gatherings and parties and being with friends and family. And if your household is like ours, we also looked forward to all of the delicious foods that were served. Most of us put our diet and exercise plans “on hold” for a month. We enjoyed rich, fatty foods and creamy desserts, and of course we might have drank a bit more alcohol than usual.

Many of us probably felt that we could “get away” with this period, because we’d been so good the rest of the year. We would get back to our diets and our exercise routines after the holidays were over, right? That’s what New Year’s resolutions are FOR. Where’s the harm in slacking off for a few weeks?

The “harm” in holiday feasting may be a 20% rise in your cholesterol levels

That’s the takeaway from a recent study from Denmark. Researchers from the Department of Clinical Biochemistry at Copenhagen University Hospital and the Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Copenhagen tested 25,000 Danes’ cholesterol levels after the Christmas break.

They found that the rich holiday foods boosted cholesterol levels much more than previously thought. Cholesterol levels measured after the holidays were 20% higher than in the summer. Nine out of 10 participants in the study had cholesterol levels that were high. The researchers concluded that your risk of having elevated cholesterol levels is six times higher after the holiday break.

What do these study results mean for your own heart health?

Hudson County Cardiologists suggest that if a test after the holidays says that your cholesterol levels were high, have another test later to confirm those numbers. Holiday binging might have inflated them.

Perhaps you are one of the more than 100 million Americans who have already been diagnosed with high cholesterol levels. This study should serve as a reminder that “overdoing things a little” during the year-end holidays might not be as safe as you think it is.

High cholesterol levels have, after all, been strongly associated with a higher risk of heart attacks and stroke. So if you already have high cholesterol levels, keep these study results in mind for next year. As the holidays have passed, now’s a good time to return to your diet.

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