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September 13th, 2017. Hackensack, NY. Cross County Cardiology is announcing the publication of a new article that explains one of the most valuable tests used in the practice of Cross County Cardiology. According to these New Jersey heart doctors, an electrocardiogram (or EKG) can help them diagnose potential problems with your heart’s electrical activity. Dr….

OK, you’ve been told by your family doctor or one of the top cardiologists in Bergen County that you have high blood pressure, or that you are otherwise at high risk of developing heart disease. Among the other lifestyle changes they’ve prescribed for you, like stopping smoking and getting more exercise, these doctors have suggested…

Many people about to seek vein treatment in Hackensack for the first time have questions about what to expect in their first appointment. Having had medical tests that required them to fast for some time beforehand, or to run on treadmills or otherwise exercise when they’re not used to it, or undergo painful and invasive…

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Here’s a quick quiz for you – if you are 50 years old, what is your “heart age?” If your immediate answer was, “The same age I am – 50, of course,” it’s likely that you are wrong. Your “heart age” can be – and in many cases is – different from your calendar age….

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