A Vein Expert In Hackensack On Why Leg Pain Will Hold You Back In Life

vein expertAt best, leg pain is a nuisance, although it can make life unbearable if the discomfort is severe enough. No matter whether you experience light discomfort or debilitating pain in your legs due to vein disease, there is a vein expert in Hackensack with the tools, know-how, and experience to help you achieve results fast. Read on to learn how vein disease can contribute to leg pain and how the professional team at Cross County Cardiology can help you get your life back.

How does leg pain impact your life in Hackensack?

When your legs hurt, you may not feel up to doing the things you love to do. Instead of a Sunday round of golf or taking the kids to the park, leg pain can keep you sitting on the sidelines. If the pain is bad enough, mobility becomes an issue. You may not have the strength or be comfortable enough to go grocery shopping or walk down the driveway to pick up the mail from the mailbox. Or you may not feel like leaving the house at all. Your job, your relationships and your overall health can become negatively impacted by painful sensations in the legs and feet.

What do vein problems have to do with leg pain?

It can be hard to believe, but those seemingly innocuous varicose veins that develop on the legs and ankles are sometimes more than a mere cosmetic concern. The underlying disease that causes unsightly leg veins sits unnoticed in many people, but is known to progress and cause unpleasant symptoms that can include leg pain. Known to Hackensack vein experts as venous insufficiency, this condition can cause mild to severe leg pain, abnormal sensations, skin changes and more. Having any of the symptoms of vein disease can lower your quality of life.

Vein disease can be painful, but there is hope!

The best place to begin with treatment is to prevent the condition before it becomes a concern. Vein problems can develop in men and women of all ages and backgrounds, but there are certain lifestyle factors that can decrease your chances of developing vein disease. Eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise, maintain a healthy weight and stop smoking to help maintain healthy veins and an overall healthy body. If you already suffer from mild symptoms of vein disease, these same lifestyle changes can help alleviate the symptoms, slow the progression of the disease and can keep you active longer.

When lifestyle modification is not enough, vein centers in Hackensack provide a wide variety of minimally invasive treatment options. Unlike old-fashioned vein stripping surgery, modern procedures offer effective treatment in our office in under an hour. Patients who undergo such procedures as vein laser surgery or vein removal in Hackensack, can look forward to instant relief in most cases. This means you can stop hurting and start living your life again.

Dr. Rick Pumill is a vein expert in Hackensack with exceptional experience and skill in treating the venous disorders that can result in painful legs and feet. He and his knowledgeable team are pleased to work alongside you to design an action plan for treating your veins and helping you move on with your life. To begin, simply call us at 201-299-4479 or go online to request an appointment. Get started today!


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